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Inokim Scooters In Stock & Ready To Ship!

Wired Rides Customer Reviews

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Perfect wheel? Pretty damn close!

Range, stability, mounting options, roll cage protection! Once you get used to the weight, it is such a great wheel. No more worrying about battery or top speed, just ride!


So – what to say about the mighty Sherman?

Well – pre sales was excellent.

The wheel itself is ideal. It doesn’t feel any heavier now than my MSX did, the MSX just feels lighter.

The most balanced and stable ride you are going to find (more chuckable than a monster). The noise is great, the tyre is great (nothing like a knobbly on an MSX).

I’m incredibly discerning (picky). There are design improvements to be made, sure, but overall I am very happy with my purchase.

Love it !!

Love it !!

Happy Days.

Simply the best EUC to have right now.

Impressive performance, stability with an all-terrain tire; an absolute joy to ride.

My order was quickly completed by the team who are always available to give accurate advice, will definitely be using them again.

Happy Days.

Love the sherman!

So pleased with my new Sherman!

Awesome machine

Awesome machine just seems to go on for ever no range anxiety, metal bumpers good lights,However it is heavy (batteries) . After a couple weeks now am i glad i got one .ooh yes

Great unit and got a dope eevees t shirt from Brad 🍻 guys!

Thanks guys already put over 1,000kms on it, all the best!

Smooth, powerful and built like a tank.

I went from a KS18XL, the Honda Accord of EUCs - yes, I coined that phrase - which I still love riding, to the Veteran Sherman. I wanted a wheel with more range and I got that and more with the Sherman. It is such a stable and smooth-riding wheel - I absolutely love it. Do yourself a favour and get the Sherman with the knobby tire - it makes the best sound as you ride! It took me a little bit of time to get used to starting and stopping with the extra weight of the Sherman but the payoff is huge. The Sherman is the obvious choice for anyone who has a little riding experience and wants more power, range and stability. Ride like a BOSS!

Loving my Veteran Sherman EUC from eevee's

Absolutely love my Veteran Sherman. The wheel is awesome fast and smooth and just eats up mountain bike trails like those at Delta Watershed Park. Plus the battery life is incredible. No fears of cutout either. If you're getting an EUC or anything else electric, these guys are the best. 5 stars!

Personal Batmobile

Nearly a month and well over 2K Km in at this point and as the time joyfully flies by, the deeper the connection one develops with the Sherman.
So stable and comfortable to ride. After the first few days of my legs getting used to riding so much every day, zero soreness nor pain. Nothing but a suspenseful quad workout.
Some of the pros include:
Out of the box pedals, front lights and the knobby tire are more than enough!
Metal bars in both front and back make it easy for additional lights or other gadgets and to also carry it up the stairs using both of your hands.
Powerful 2.500W motor that provides excellent hill climbing, booming acceleration and high top speed capabilities.
Enormous 3.200Wh battery with which you will be competing against to see who's gonna be the first one to tire out who.
Super stable when riding. The main reasons are the wide 20'' knobby tire and also the weight distribution of the batteries inside the body (low on the ground and half on the left & half on the right side)
Off-roading is awesome on this wheel and riding under rain even though it doesn't have an IPX waterproof rating doesn't seem to be a problem after doing some waterproofing at the shop.
Last but not least, customer service is 11/10.
I could go on and on about the pros but if you will excuse me, my Sherman just finished charging.
Feel free to find out for all the rest of the pros on your own!
On the negative side be careful it has a very unique and dangerous con...
Highly addictive.
Think i'm playing with you? huh.. wait until the involuntary shaking tremors start kicking in for any day you go without a ride.

Ride safe and see you out there (:

Long distance high speed cruiser

2nd EUC I've bought. Highly recommend them 👌

Gotway Monster Electric Unicycle
The Gotway Monster.

I've waited some time before writing my review of the Gotway Monster. And I must say, For me, it was worth every penny. I've been riding this as my main source of transportation for over a year now. It has been through a lot with me. I've ridden it in 6"of snow for quite a while when I lived in Denver. I used it to ride many trails that would be considered "cross country" style of riding on a mountain bike. It was on a stock tire, and still is over 6 thousand miles later. Since then I've enjoyed riding up and down even the steepest inclines with relative ease, including 58th street in denver and twin peaks in San Francisco. It stays strong no matter where I'm going. And the seat is amazing. It exactly what I had hoped for. It honestly seems to be the closest thing to a one wheel motorcycle that's available. I think of it as like riding a Harley, it's great for long distance cruising in a comfortable seated position. Although a little slower in take off (compared to a smaller wheel) ,It's very stable both seated and standing. I'd say my average cruising speed is probably around 24 mph, and it's so stable that it doesn't feel "sketchy". My daily ride lately has been around 30 miles. And its so much faster to get around than any bicycle. The larger diameter wheel and wide tire is so effective at absorbing all the bumps, even the ones you don't see. It's defiantly a monster. But with the seat attached it becomes a convient height for walking beside while holding the seat. And to me that's a fair trade off. I prefer the seat over having a trolley handle, I think a seat gets more use. It in my honest opinion, and review, again, the gotway monster was worth every penny. If you can, purchase the larger battery, and I would definitely purchase the fast charger. The optional seat it a no brainer for longer commutes. It's not a beginner wheel. But, most people considering a monster have an electric unicycle already. Own a monster. You'll thank me later.

Gotway Monster Electric Unicycle
Love the wheel

I have 100v Version 2:
Love the wheel. Big gain from MSuper V3+ is the comfort at high speeds (28-34mph). MSuper could go in high 20's, low 30's but felt more tense at those speeds. If these wheels were cars, MSuper V3+ would be a mid size sedan, Monster is an SUV.

Gotway Monster Electric Unicycle
Without a doubt ..FUN!

I cannot properly review this as I only have eskate boards to compare it to, but I can tell you this.... It's scary as ****, but stable, and smooth, and PPoowerful. You barely feel a difference when riding over soft grass versus concrete. Now that last sentence implies that I have put a 100 miles on the thing but it's been a week and I'm still on my first charge. There is certainly a learning curve and riding it seated seems to be a good start. In my opinion, the key to learning to ride this thing is realizing that a bicycle doesn't stay up if it's not moving, so why do I keep expecting this to? You just have to man up and get some speed....without a doubt ..FUN!

Gotway Monster Electric Unicycle
Jarrod N.
This wheel is perfect

This wheel is perfect. No complaints, none.

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle
Tomas K.
Awesome product and shop

I have this V11 just 5 days and it is my first wheel, so I can barely hold balance and I cannot really compare with any other wheel or judge advantages of suspension. However I am very happy with it. Seems sturdy (crashed multiple times and still running), very powerful (I am quite heavy at 107kg and acceleration is just insane, braking as well), polished and well built. App failed to update firmware, but maybe I did something wrong, will try again. Only small issue is that wheel is really heavy, but I knew that from the specification before purchase. It just surprised me that it is really that much heavy.
Regarding the shop, I can say nothing but praise. FedEx was very disappointing, with several days delay on their "priority" service. Wrote about that to Ian, and he refunded the price difference between "economy" from own pocket without hesitation.
Then came customs clearance. Yeah it was no fun at all, lots of paperwork, then they asked corrected invoice. Wrote about that to Ian, he returned with correct invoice on the same day.
To conclude, seller is very responsive and helpful, always willing to go extra mile.
Big thanks!

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle
Finn B.
Great Wheel - Great Service

I have a very small brain - So I like to keep it safe. Thas Why I got the V11 from Inmotion.

Inmotion v11 is an excellent choice, you get the "magic carpet" feeling, the wheel is extremely comfortable to ride. After 5 minutes my smile was wider than my helmet, man its good. Its not riding its more like flying - My MSX is bumpy-bumpy all the bloody time, the V11 totally absorbs (most of) the bumps in the road or forrest. Safety to me is very important and I can go faster and safer on this wheel, you dont have to hyperfocus on potential obstacles all the time, v11 just eats the bumps and holes. So you can focus on the fun factor and the floating feeling. My guess is Ill stop riding non suspension wheels, the MSX gave me some lower back problems (not from falling mind you) Not so with this wonderfull wheel.

The frontlight is a little daft, lotsa light until you accelerate, the tilting of the whel hides the light. But its still the best frontlight on the EUC marked.

Speed and acceleration? LOTS.
Sturdyness? Very much.
Looks? Better than your ex-wife.
Riding pleasure? Better than your ex-wheel.

I highly recommend this wheel, suspension wheel is much much better than traditional wheels.

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle
stephen b.
V11 ,,outstanding

what can I say, its perfect its super smooth with great power you've got to ride this wheel to appreciate the smoothness the suspension brings ,it was a good purchase,all round good wheel Smooooth

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle
Jason L.
Great all round wheel!

Great wheel that's very suitable for use in the UK. Range is good and suspension adds safety to higher speeds. Would recommend for the more experienced rider.

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle
Shakeel A.
Amazing wheel

I love the suspension on this wheel it does a brilliant job in absorbing the bumps, I also love the design , overall its a very good commuter wheel, However I would not recommend this wheel for new learners , if you have never ridden an EUC before you should get an InMotion V8,V8f or any other smaller EUCs.

Gotway RS Electric Unicycle
David S.
Very satisfied

The item had been checked over as the box had been opened and wheel was fully charged so i can only assume they did there own QC and pre checks ...
Any questions i had was answered very quickly.
With 2 years warranty and buy back option i feel the guys offer good customer care and advice.
Being a niche market its good to have a legitimate shop who offer after sales advice and care so pay a little extra with peace of mind
I am so far happy with my purchase and no doubt return for the next latest and greatest

Gotway RS Electric Unicycle
Evelthon M.
begode RS 19 hs


Gotway RS Electric Unicycle
liam s.
great bit of kit

A nice looking wheel that rides very smooth.

Been on some off road tracks, and handles most that has been thrown at it.

I've had a few minor crashes with a few scuffs and the Euc keeps going, it seems durable enough.

I get sore knees after a lot of riding, so I think ill be in for a suspension Euc next. (hoping kingsong make a 100v suspension model)

You wont regret purchasing this great machine, its so much fun.

2years warranty too :)

InMotion V5F Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V.P.N.
Inmotion V5F

It's my first wheel and after a shaky couple of days I soon got the hang of riding. I've now had it about 10 days and can steer it ok so it's now just a case of improving my technique and learning to go backwards. It's great fun :-)

InMotion V5F Electric Unicycle
Stacey S.
Inmotion V5F

Fantastic customer service. The wheel itself is fantastic my husband and daughter love using it. Would highly recommend the item and the company. Hope to do business with you again in the future.