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Wired Rides Customer Reviews

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Awesome Scooter for taller people.

This is a great scooter for taller & heavier people, I’m 6’6” & 110kg. For private property I definitely recommend unlocking the 25km speed limiter, this can be done easily for around $100.

Segway Ninebot Go Kart Pro

Daily driver!!
Gets you to A and B, in styleeeeeeee. No boot, so storage for beer is limited, but carton on your lap for short distance!! Drink a few to lighten the load ;)))))))

My Papa Grande has arrived and it hasn�t disappointed my expectations. Such a joy to ride, do yourself a favour and get one !

Really fast for my teenager!
These really are the Tesla of go karts. Got these for my 14 year old twin boys. Didn�t realize how fast 23 MPH was. There are slower modes for smaller kids but they still need to have a good grasp of how to operate.

My only complaint would be the tutorials kept freezing up so it took a while to complete the �training� and I wish the flag pole was a little higher with a brighter colored flag for visibility. The plastic flag started to rip after the first ride.

The battery also seems to be pretty accurate. They ride them pretty hard for 30-40 minutes at a time and normally have about half the battery life remaining.

Purchased the Rapido 2021 a few weeks ago and am very impressed with the quality of the bike, as well as the ease and comfort of the ride. Perfect for navigating the hills of Paddington on the way to work, the Rapido is the perfect daily commuter. A full battery easily gets me 2 return trips to the city (from Woollahra) without charging. Highly recommend this bike for anyone looking to get around the inner city with ease.

From unboxing the Rapido I was very impressed on the level of care taken for the customer to receive the bike in excellent condition. I love the riding position and suspension on this bike. The performance is above my expectations. I�m a big believer in you get what you pay for but in this case I believe I got more. Neil Gallagher

I really like the skateboard and the way it rides. It�s smooth and fun to ride. The reason for the 1 star rating is the issue with the Charging Port Cap and the lack of a solution when I contacted Raldey customer support. The charging port has a rubber plug that inserts into it when not charging. However it doesn�t stay inserted. This exposes that area to dust and moisture which will eventually cause problems with the charging port and board. This will likely reduce the life of the battery pack components over time. Also this means that the board technically doesn�t meet the stated IP55 water and dust resistance rating. I contacted customer support to simply ask for a replacement plug and instructions to properly replace but was given the instructions below. This is honestly an unacceptable solution. Currently I have black electrical tape that I am using to tape the cap closed when I�m riding. However this is not acceptable for a long term solution on a board that cost almost $700. I�m considering returning the board for a full replacement or possibly switching brands if there is not a better solution than electrical tape or double sided tape as recommended below. I have also attached a picture and video of the issue for reference. Raldey customer service response: �Hello,Rob,Wells,i am very sorry, this problem has really troubled you. At present, we have no new improvement plan. You can try to wrap a little double-sided tape on the charging port to strengthen it.�

4 different speed modes and gets pretty fast. Came with some of the paint chipped off the nose though.

Fiik Urban V2 Electric Scooter
Shannon L.

Scooter is great. Ordered a black as the website said they were available only to realise that I got refunded a week later and a voice message saying they didn’t have it in stock. And as my sons bday was that week I had no choice but to get red as I had no time to look elsewhere. Would have preferred black

Great experience getting a Rapido, Vamos boys are very friendly, highly recommend

Absolutely fantastic. Bought the El Hefe. Strong, reliable and fun. Excellent customer service. I recommend Vamos. Buy an ebike from them NOW!!

I waited for my board Between 50-60 days due to standard delivery that I chose. It came and the weather of course was so there to try due to cold and rain. But I took this out for a test and I drove for a couple of hours during the evening. Just saying this "wow" you really feel how nice it slides through the road. Everything is so nice, material, how it sounds **** wow like it sounds. The tires are really super. Took 165 size and wow it was really you barely felt the asphalt, cracks, rocks and grass forget these, you go on this you forget these. As far as I dig the board but have only had a couple of hours to drive it to see how it will be later when the weather gets better. Best work and package was s� nice wraped. Thank you Radley. Will post more when iam out on riding it again.

This is by far the best bike I�ve ever purchased. Rides so smoothly, battery lasts forever and also looks bladdy awesome!

I bought one for my wife for her birthday. She loves it. No longer need to worry about parking spaces or hills! Conrad and the guys at Vamos super helpful all the way through the purchase and after sales. Highly recommended.

Great quality board no doubt about it only thing I didnt like was how heavy it is but other then that it's a fast and strong board doesnt bend easy.(230lbs)

So I was looking for an E-Bike to get this old 73 year old body around, so I bought this Papa Grande today, and before I sat on it I thought to myself this is the bike I want�I have stability problems, and this bike took care of that straight away. I don�t have a problem with controlled speed�just a twist to the acceleration connection took care of that�..I just love this E-Bike, and it is light enough for me to load into my Ute and unload it. Thanks to the young men..Conrad and Michael for their attentiveness and help�Well done fellas
I hope the reader pays these guys a visit at Mascot and if you do� make it a point of visiting the �John� if you have to go�.The �art work� on the four walls of the �John� and the sayings would put a modern day Picasso on the floor rolling around in fits of laughter ????
All the very best with it fellas�and thanks heaps with your help
Regards �.Greg Semple
P.S. Will try and upload photos when I get a chance

First E/Trike Purchase. Wanted something to set up to take me fishing either off the river bank, off the breakwater or off the beach. After looking at a number of trikes I settled on the Papa Grande. 500 Watt motor, available carry baskets, tyre size were all part of my consideration. All trikes had their pluses and minuses, but the Papa Grande came out on top. Not disappointed. The power and acceleration of this machine has impressed me. I have finally finished adding the accessories that I wanted to make it suitable for the purpose intended. These include a floor in the cargo rack, rear board to accommodate rod holders, additional tail/blinker remote light, dual headlights (a low and high beam) to help find my way off the beach at night, mirrors, and an electronic horn. The attached photos show the finished product, and yes, the �number plate� says it all. Happy to provide any further details if required.
Note. this trike is probably not suitable for shorter people. At my height of 166 centimetres and the seat at its lowest setting, the ride setup is just right. If I was any shorter I would probably struggle with pedal reach.

So far so good. I weigh 165lb and I'm able to get 22-23 miles on a charge, riding moderately. 105AT wheels perform well on semi-rough terrain. To be clear, this is not a true off-road board, but you can get a little dirt on the tires. Be sure to check the hardware before riding. The truck mounting bolts on my board were snug, but not tight enough. Same with the mounting screws for the bottom enclosure. I was reluctant to tighten the enclosure screws too much because I didn't want to pop the threads, but a few of the screws were clearly too loose. As far as performance, hub motors are quiet and require less maintenance than belt driven motors, but they aren't known for their power or ability to climb hills. I can't speak to the degree of incline that this board will climb, but it did better than expected on paved roads with moderate incline. Regarding top speed, I don't know and frankly don't care. I got it up to 21 and backed off... that's plenty for me (the board was still accelerating and I was in power setting 3 of 4). This is my first e-skate so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it's pretty impressive...

The best value for money E bike you can buy in Australia matched with the absolute best service from Michael & Conrad. There is nothing that is a problem to them, just ask & it happens. If your looking for a bike don�t go anywhere else.

Diggin� my new pocket rocket.

Overall a good board only issue is when going at higher speeds and hitting a crack on the street and getting flung

Vamos has been my favourite and I am sure will be yours too!! You guys are so helpful, kind, and honest.
I genuinely appreciate your service!!
And thank you for everything!!
Vamos is fun and love!!

Fun, but a few drawbacks.
Really fun go kart and a good zip. Unfortunately, the front bumper gives no clearance at all and even tiny bumps tear it up. Also, the lights no longer come on when charging, so I can't tell if it is actually charging or not. But it sure fun to drive...

Absolutely love my new Vamos El Hefe Bike. Firstly, I wanted to back a local company, price was really good, reviews were good, gear (Shimano / Samsung) spot on. Really hard to fault. Customer service was brilliant, as was delivery (despite a slight delay which is down to customs and overall e-commerce being overwhelmed for all companies). Final comments � fairly basic to assemble, rides really well on the beach, road, tracks. Lights all easy to use. Super comfy. Thrilled with this thing. ???? ????? ??

From the monent I saw the El Hefe, I knew this was the bike for me. Being a fairly big guy, I thought that its larger size would make me feel more at home and I wasn�t wrong! I use this bike a lot now and I�m amazed at how far I can travel using assistance from the motor. The styling is very cool as is the practicality. It is quite heavy but considering the amount of equipment and size of the bike, this is to be expected. I just love it!